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Pacerpole Training Days

Pacerpoles are revolutionary trekking poles with the first anatomically correct and ergonomically efficient handle design. Designed by UK physiotherapist Heather Rhodes using biomechanical principles (just like our Bodypacks), they facilitate natural posture, movement, shaping and balance. Because of this, compared to all other trekking poles, you have:


  MORE POWER  with  LESS EFFORT  and  NO wrist or hand STRAIN

Four legs vs two legs

Have you ever seen goats, chamois or thar move across steep mountainous terrain? The speed, agility and grace with which they move reveal the advantages of four legs over two. With the right pole design, we can use both arms and legs to maximise speed, agility, balance and safety.

Lifting and thrusting


Conventional trekking poles focus on the lifting phase of arm movement by using modern lightweight materials, but ignore the biomechanics of the thrusting phase. Pacerpoles perfect the support and thrusting phase of arm movement. Developed by UK sports specialist Heather Rhodes, they address the 4 Ns as follows:

Natural Posture


The use of Pacerpoles encourages a more erect posture and reduces the tendency of the body to slump forward under load and fatigue. Combine Pacerpoles with Body packs to create the optimum posture for minimizing energy expenditure under load hour after hour.

Natural Movement

To add arm power to leg power so that you can move more powerfully, the poles and arms must work smoothly as a single unit. The key to achieving this is the design of the handles, as they are the connection between the poles and your body.

  • The Pacerpole handle has a patented angle and a unique contoured thumb shelf. These features control the pronation of the forearm as it pivots over the pole tip during the thrusting phase, to create the most natural and efficient line of thrust. Result: max power transmission.
  • The handle angle holds the hand at the optimum angle of relaxation, eliminating wrist strain.
  • The patented handle shape immediately disperses the impact along its contours when the pole hits the ground, making a shock absorbing spring unnecessary. Eliminating shock without an energy wasting spring allows more efficient arm movement.

These features work seamlessly together so that the poles become extensions of your arms.

Combine FlowMo Bodypacks with the poles for the most efficient movement under load.

Natural Shaping

Pacerpoles are paired left and right like your shoes. The handles naturally slip into your palms, holding thumb and fingers in a relaxed position. The heel of your hand rests against the shaped base, providing the platform for forward thrust. Fingers are loosely held, just enough to precisely position the tip of the pole in the ground.  At the end of a day’s use the hands are unstrained.

Ideal Balance

Pacerpoles widen your support base, making it easy to stay upright. When moving, you have at least two contact points with the ground rather than one, enhancing stability.

Combine the Natural Posture, Movement and Shaping from both the FlowMo Bodypacks and the Pacerpoles and you get ideal balance; the balance, stability and poise of a double biped - closer to a quadruped than a biped.


We now have the complete formula for safe and agile movement in challenging terrain:





  • Left and right handle shapes for comfort
  • Patented handle angle gives maximum power, eliminates wrist strain
  • Platform transmits power from the heel of the hand- no constricting strap necessary
  • Contoured thumb shelf allows a relaxed grip & precise placing of the pole tip.
  • 3 sections for compact stowage
  • 7075 T6 alloy for strength
  • No energy wasting spring necessary for shock absorption
  • Interchangeable baskets for snow, mud or rock
  • Carbide tip
  • Precision locking
  • Safety cord allows release of handle grip without pole loss
  • Colour coded plugs in each handle
  • Hole for optional camera mount
  • Mesh bag to store pole sections
  • Standard model: 7075 T6 alloy, 3 piece, collapsed L 67cm, max L 137cm; 650gms/pair
  • Lightweight model:  3 piece; carbon fibre, 518gms/pair



Contact us for details of training days available in the Lake District - Half or Full Day

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