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Rock Climbing

The Lake District was the birthplace of British rock climbing. Beginning in the summer of 1886 with the ascent of Napes Needle by Haskett Smith. The popularity of climbing has increased somewhat since then; the BMC states 5 million wall users in 2005. There has to be a reason why so many people are interested?

For those not already hooked the feeling of topping out on your first climb, and indeed subsequent climbs, is hard to describe.

There are many different aspects to the sport including climbing walls, bouldering, single and multi-pitch, ice, alpine and big wall climbing. Mountain Adventures offer a number of courses that will be of interest from novice climbers to those with more experience and MLTE courses for aspiring SPA holders. Every course is run by experienced, fully qualified staff.


Most courses listed below can be run in other areas of the UK including the Peak District, Wales and Scotland. There would need to be sufficient course members wishing to undertake a course in a particular area however, so please contact us.

Rock Climbing Courses -

Learning to Lead and Coaching Courses

These courses are designed for climbers wishing to learn the skills to lead on leader placed protection and/or improve their climbing skills.

Introduction to rock climbing (2 days)

This course is designed for the complete novice who wishes to learn the basics of the sport.



Introduction to rock climbing (5 days)

Although this course is ideal for the complete novice it is also designed for those with a little experience.

Sea cliff climbing in Wales (2 days)

This two day course is designed for climbers who are lead climbing at VS standard or above, in the mountains or valley cragsb but have never climbed on the sea cliffs around the British coast.

Moving out - Climbing wall to rock (2 days)

So you've been cranking on plastic over the winter, know how to belay and decided you are hooked on climbing but the thought of climbing outside is a little daunting.


Intermediate rock (5 days)

This course is designed for those with some experience of rock climbing who wish to improve their rope skills, climbing ability and possibly wish to lead.

Advanced rope techniques (2 days)

Possibly over many years you have been safely climbing  and steadily improving your grade. You have had the odd little epic and solved the problem until one day you scare yourself. Or someone says - 'Have you ever climbed at Gogarth?' The name sends shivers down your spine - is it as scary as everyone makes out? Should I learn how not to get into trouble and should it happen, how to get out of it? This course is designed for you.

Providing excellent instruction from experienced instructors we will look after you and organize your training in safety.


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